25mm Polycarbonate Sheets

25mm Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets


We offer polycarbonate sheets in a range of thicknesses.  However, for many building projects, a 25mm polycarbonate sheet can prove to be the 'sweet spot'.  

We have a versatile range of 25mm polycarbonate roofing sheets in stock, including clear 25mm polycarbonate sheets, 25m bronze polycarbonate sheets and opal 25m polycarbonate sheets.  

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25mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Clear
25mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Clear
£28.45  -  £464.77
25mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Opal
25mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Opal
£22.13  -  £464.77

General Technical Data 

U-Value:  1.4w/m­² °K 

Weight: 3.1kg/m²

Light Transmission 

Clear:  62% 

Bronze:  25%

Opal:  28% 

Where Can Polycarbonate Sheets Be Used

Polycarbonate can be effectively integrated into various structures, but the 25mm sheets are especially useful for:  

Conservatories:  The excellent insulation offered by polycarbonate helps to regulate the inside temperature of conservatories.  

High-end canopies:  These can require polycarbonate sheets in spans larger then 16mm.  

Roofing:  With 25mm polycarbonate roofing sheets, you can let sunlight stream abundantly into the space.  

Benefits Of Polycarbonate sheets

As 25mm polycarbonate sheet suppliers, we can attest that these products come with:  

High durability:  These sheets resist damage from not only physical impacts but also fire and harsh weather conditions.  

UV (ultraviolet) protection:  As a result, the material will not yellow from exposure from exposure to the sun.  

Low weight:  Naturally, this makes the sheet easy to carry, which is useful for DIY projects.  

Delivery Information:  

We can deliver 25mm polycarbonate roofing sheets to addresses across the UK.  We will dispatch within one working day of you placing your order.  

It usually takes fewer than 5-10 working days to complete delivery.  This also depends on the address as it can occasionally take slightly longer.  


The exact installation process is dependent on its intended purpose.  Here are a couple of examples of tools that you could use to affix your 25mm polycarbonate sheets to their intended surfaces:  

Screws and washers:  After drilling suitable holes in the material you can secure it in place with polycarbonate fixing buttons.  

Glazing Bars:  Cleanly and securely attach polycarbonate sheets using a glazing bar system.  This can be self support glazing bars or rafter supported.  


Another key benefit of polycarbonate is how easily its condition can be preserved for the long haul.  Maintain your polycarbonate sheets by:  

Regular cleaning:  just mix up a mild soap with water, then with a damp cloth or sponge clean the polycarbonate.  

Why Choose Varico? 

To prevent wastage and ensure that the 25mm polycarbonate sheet will fit just as intended we can cut the sheet in the precise dimensions your project requires.  It goes without saying that customer service is paramount.  

Shortly after you have placed your order, we will contact you to specify when it can be delivered.  


Do you have any nagging questions?  The answer you need may be listed below:

Is a 25mm polycarbonate sheet better than a glass sheet? 

Despite being lighter than glass, polycarbonate is known to be up to 200 times stronger.  Also, compared to glass, polycarbonate is better at withstanding both high and low temperatures.  

Can a 25mm polycarbonate sheet reduce noise?  

Indeed it can - and, for this reason, is often used as a noise barrier.  For example, polycarbonate partitions often appear in offices as well as stadiums and railway stations.  

Is a 25mm polycarbonate sheet flexible? 

Contrary to what its renowned strength and durability could lead you to assume, yes, this material can be bent quite easily for use in barrel vaulted style roofs.