Bitumen Corrugated Roofing Sheets

For agricultural buildings, animal housing, sheds and industrial buildings, corrugated bitumen sheet can form a key part of a reliable roofing solution. Here at Varico, we offer corrugated bitumen sheets that can protect a building from adverse effects of harsh weather.

For example, each sheet, whether it forms part of a new roof or is added to an existing one, can serve as an effective water barrier and ensure proper roof ventilation. Therefore, condensation and humidity can be eliminated. These sheets can be waterproof when laid properly and, for this reason, prevent the building's interior becoming blighted by damp.

While any of the corrugated bitumen sheets can be added to roofs that lack tiles, they can also be laid onto existing roofs without the structure of such having to be removed.

Sheets that tick many different boxes

From our online store, corrugated bitumen sheets are available in a choice of four colours: black, green, red and brown. However, they can also, after you have installed such sheets for roofing, become more intense in colour as the bitumen undergoes natural oxidation.

While suitably strong, these sheets remain amazingly light and flexible. Hence, they can be transported easily - not to mention, on a roof, capable of adapting to slight defects in the supporting surface's plane.

This page can also include listings for other products, like fixings and ridge flashing, that could assist with the installation of corrugated bitumen sheets. We can provide further help through our sales and technical advice line on 01922 455338.



Frequently Asked Questions

Corrugated roofing is a favourite among homeowners and builders because of its inherent durability, energy efficiency, and relative ease of installation, especially compared to shingles. The corrugation in the roofing sheets provides rigidity along its length and prevents it from sagging.

Corrugated roofing sheets offer better rigidity and overall durability because of their design. They can disperse weight better, which improves the material’s stability. It means these roofing sheets can also be thinner than other alternatives.

There is no ideal corrugated roofing system. Factors like your location, the placement of the roofing, and several others affect your best choice of roofing. Speak with your supplier to find out the ideal thickness, variation, and colour of your project.

Corrugated sheets have large surface areas and are relatively easy to install, even without specialist tools or techniques. These qualities make this roofing option excellent for DIY enthusiasts.

It is generally accepted to let at least one corrugation overlap to prevent water from getting into the building and promote overall stability. This number can change depending on the pitch of the roof. Consult the manufacturer’s guide for the best results.