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Black Bitumen Corrugated Roofing Sheets 950mm x 2000mm

Black Bitumen Corrugated Roofing Sheets 950mm x 2000mm
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Brand:  Gutta


In stock, ready to dispatch  

In stock, ready to dispatch

Corrugated Bitumen Fixings Suitable For Use With Onduline / Coroline X 200Corrugated Bitumen Fixings Suitable For Use With Onduline / Coroline X 200
Ridge For Use With Corrugated Bitumen SheetRidge For Use With Corrugated Bitumen Sheet




£12.98 PER SHEET


Black Bitumen Corrugated Roof Sheets 950mm x 2000mm


Sheet size 950mm (wide) X 2000mm (long)


Corrugated Bitumen Sheets are ideal for use in agricultural buildings, sheds, animal housing and industrial roofing applications.  These bitumen roof sheets provide an excellent dimensional stability and in time develop a full intense colouring through the natural oxidation of the bitumen.  The sheets are extremely light and flexible whilst still incredibly strong.  They are resistant to external agents and acids and are 100% asbestos free.    

This bitumen corrugated roof sheet comes the colour black.  

Varico's corrugated bitumen roofing sheets are supplied with a 15 year warranty covering the waterproofing of the product.  

Features and Benefits

These corrugated bitumen roofing sheets come with a number of features including:

  • Weather resistant
  • Acid resistant
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Strong and durable
  • 100% asbestos free
  • UV protection
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Superb sound absorbency

With these features in mind, these black corrugated roofing sheets also have many benefits that you can reap such as:

  • Easy handling - due to their lightweight nature, these bitumen roof sheets are easy to handle, also making the installation process simpler and easier for a DIY project
  • Privacy - a black corrugated roofing sheet offers better shading and privacy compared to different coloured sheets
  • Protection from rain and UV - its waterproofing and UV protection capabilities make it a great roofing solution for a number of different applications; with the temperamental UK weather, this is an excellent choice for outdoor roofing


These bitumen corrugated roof sheets can be used for numerous applications including, but not limited to:

  • Carports
  • Canopies
  • Covered walkways
  • Sheds
  • Animal housing
  • Garages
  • Garden buildings
  • Bike shelters
  • BBQ covers

And more…


As previously mentioned, these corrugated bitumen roofing sheets are easy to install, as long as you follow the user’s instructions for installing them. For a more detailed guide on how to install these bitumen roof sheets, please refer to the installation manual or the installation video.

Meanwhile, a simple guide can be followed here:  

  1. Lay down the black corrugated roofing sheets accordingly
  2. Cut to the desired length if necessary
  3. Start fixing and securing sheets using Varico’s zinc plated bitumen fixing nails
  4. (Optional - for solid decked roofs) Fix the ridge onto the roof, securing them with fixings





Laying Instructions

Preparation of the roof prior to laying:

Any pitch below 10 degrees should be boarded with an appropriate plywood or similar.  

For pitches above 10 degrees the following batten spacings should be used.  

For a loading of 200kg/m² battens should be spaced at 460mm centres. 

For a loading of 350kg/m² battens should be spaced at 310mm centres.  

It is recommended to impregnate all of the timber that makes up the the supporting frame of the roof.  

Lapping of the panels:

Side lap - one corrugation 

Head lap - minimum of 150mm 

Fixing the sheets: 

Sheets should be secured using our zinc plated bitumen fixing nails.  Two rows of nails should be driven in parallel to the direction of the head and at each side of the sheet.  Nails should be driven in to the crown (the uppermost part) of the sheet.  Subsequent rows of nails should be used every third corrugation.  

Sheets should be layer as per the diagram below.  


To ensure adequate roof ventilation, ensure the sheet ends are at least 50mm from the roof apex.  This will allow air to pass through the eaves, through the bat tern cavity and up to the rooftop.  This constant flow of air will avoid the formation of mould and mildew and help control condensation.  


Gutta Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheet Technical Data: 


Length: 2000 mm

Width:  950 mm

Cover Width: 855 mm

Weight approx:  2.90 kg/m²

Gross surface area:  1.9 m²

Fire behaviour:  B2 (according to DIN 4102)

Roof pitch:  min. 10°

Colours: black, green, red and brown

Warranty: 15 year waterproofing warranty


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