Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets in the UK

Varico is your polycarbonate sheet supplier of choice in the UK.

At Varico, we offer a broad range of polycarbonate roofing sheets ideal for any commercial roofing project. Whether you’re looking for a polycarbonate sheet for a greenhouse, a carport, a canopy or a conservatory roof, you’ll be sure to find an ideal product at Varico.

Each of our polycarbonate sheets has been hand-picked by the Varico team for its strength and durability and comes with a ten-year manufacturer warranty for your added convenience and peace of mind. Not only does this mean that you’re protected should anything go wrong with your sheets, but it also means that you can pass on reassurance to your end clients, without the worry of additional material costs should issues arise.

Varico is a proud stockist and supplier of multiwall polycarbonate sheets available in a wide range of sizes. From our 4 mm sheets ideal for greenhouses and 10 mm sheets for carports and canopy roofs, right through to our 35 mm polycarbonate sheet for conservatory roofs, you’re bound to find the ideal product for your exacting requirements. What’s more, all of our sheets are available in a wide variety of coloured finishes – from clear sheets to bronze and opal alternatives which offer privacy and unique aesthetic value.

Our UK shop also sells polycarbonate roofing systems in various thicknesses. Each thickness is designed for specific applications, ranging from carports and claddings to conservatories.

If you’re uncertain about anything related to your choice of polycarbonate roof panels, let us know. We’d be happy to provide answers.

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Varico Ltd Aldridge are stockists and suppliers of multiwall polycarbonate sheet:  

4mm Polycarbonate Sheet For Greenhouses
10mm Polycarbonate Sheet For Carports & Canopy Roofs 
16mm Polycarbonate Sheet For Carport, Canopy Roofs and Conservatories
25mm Polycarbonate Sheet For Canopies and Conservatory Roofs
32mm Polycarbonate Sheet For Conservatory Roofs 
35mm Polycarbonate Sheet For Conservatory Roofs

Polycarbonate Roof Panel Thickness Chart

Our polycarbonate roofing sheets are available in various thicknesses, from 4mm to 35mm. The width you’ll need depends on where you’re planning to use the panels. Here’s a guide to the ideal application for each polycarbonate panel thickness:

  • 4mm: This thickness is a great, safe alternative for glass roofs. You can use it for your greenhouse or skylight.
  • 10mm and 16mm: These are best used for small home additions, including pergolas, car ports or patios. You can also use either thickness for small conservatories that aren’t heated.
  • 25mm, 32mm and 35mm: These provide excellent insulation, so they’re ideal for conservatories and home additions that you want to convert as living spaces. You can use any of these thicknesses when you’re constructing a new conservatory or replacing damaged roofing panels.

We offer polycarbonate roof panels in the following configurations: Twinwall, Triplewall, Multiwall, Fivewall and X Structure. Varico delivers nationwide.

How to Choose Polycarbonate Sheets

When choosing your polycarbonate roofing system, you need to consider three things: thickness, application and colour. For the thickness, you can refer to the chart we provided above to determine how thick your panel should be.

Next is the application. Generally, the bigger the space, the thicker your polycarbonate sheet should be. But you also need to consider how you’re planning to use the room.

If you’re going to spend lots of time in that space, you might want to provide heating for it. For heated spaces, you’ll need thicker polycarbonate sheets to prevent the heat from seeping out of the room.

When it comes to colour, think about how much light you want to shine through the roof. Clear sheets are best if you want maximum sunlight. But if you want to reduce the roof’s light and heat absorption, opt for grey or bronze panels.

If you need assistance in choosing your polycarbonate roof sheets, our staff will be happy to help. Just send us an enquiry through 01922 455338 or our online form.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

  • Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight and easy to transport and install. They’re perfect to use for DIY roofing projects, letting you save on labour and installation costs.
  • They’re very durable, with high resistance to the elements. Polycarbonate is also resistant to chemicals, making it easy to clean without causing discolouration.
  • Polycarbonate provides protection against UV rays, so you can use it for spaces that are exposed to the sun, such as awnings, greenhouses and patios.
  • Polycarbonate sheets are affordable, making them great alternatives to traditional roofing. They’re also cheaper than fiberglass, which is one of the popular roofing options for home additions.

A sheet designed for every application

Because we understand the differing needs and requirements of our clients, we offer our polycarbonate sheets in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to glass panels, consider our 4 mm sheet, which is ideal for use within greenhouse installations. Providing the strength, durability and appearance of glass, the material is much cheaper and negates the chances of cracks and breakages.

For carports, pergolas and small lean-to conservatory roofs, try out our 10 mm and 16 mm polycarbonate sheets, which offer added strength and durability over glass without the cost and fragility. The benefits of polycarbonate roofing extend to its ease of maintenance, ability to withstand force from elements such as wind and rain, and their ability to block harmful UV rays, reducing temperatures and UV exposure in properties.

A durable and reliable roofing solution

As polycarbonate sheets are resistant to heat, snow, rain and sunlight, they can withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection whether used as a conservatory roof or a greenhouse. Their unique ability to last for years without fading and discolouring is also a benefit to property owners looking for a cost-effective, reliable material for their homes.

Varico: The best polycarbonate roofing sheet supplier

Based in Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands, Varico is a family-run business with more than forty years of experience in the industry. As well as specialising in the supply of polycarbonate sheets, we offer products such as glazing bars, canopies, corrugated roofing and cylinder locks, making us the first choice for contractors across the country looking for reliable, cost-effective and attractive roofing solutions.

On every order of a polycarbonate sheet, we offer delivery from £20.00, fulfilled by Royal Mail, TNT, UPS and APC Overnight. Because of our prominent position and ease of reach from the M1, M5, M6 and M54 motorways, we can deliver nationwide in just a couple of days. If you require polycarbonate sheets at short notice, Varico is on hand to help – just get in touch with our friendly team on 01922 455338 to discuss your roofing needs in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the thickness and configuration of the polycarbonate roofing sheet and how many you’ll need. For an average-sized lean-to conservatory, a polycarbonate roof can range from £200 to £2,500.

The average lifespan of polycarbonate roofs are 10 to 15 years. But thicker, multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets tend to last longer because of their structure and insulating power.

You can mix mild detergent and warm water to rinse your roof. Don’t use abrasive cleaning tools to prevent scratching the coating of the panels. If you’re unsure, you can contact your polycarbonate sheet supplier and ask them how best to clean your roof.

It depends on where you’re installing it. It’s best to ask your supplier so they can advise you on the ideal thickness, variation and colour for your roofing project.