Help With Which Polycarbonate To Choose



Are you planning on expanding your home or garden? By building a carport? A pergola? A conservatory? Or even a gazebo? Well, look no further than Polycarbonate! It is an easy-to-use product, even for the average DIY-er. First and foremost, what is Polycarbonate? Polycarbonate is a strong, lightweight, and versatile thermoplastic that is 200 times stronger than glass, but weighing in 50% lighter, but that is not all. Polycarbonate can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, so it can act as a great insulator making it great for a conservatory! Polycarbonate is rapidly growing in popularity due to its robust and sturdy nature, as it is a superior to several other plastic and other alternative sheeting products on the market.




10mm Twinwall Polycarbonate

The most common and popular sheets we sell are 10mm Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheets. As the name suggests, twinwall sheets consist of 2 walls, so they do not provide as much insulation or structural integrity as the thicker triplewall and multiwall sheets. However, if you do not require insulation for your structure, this is the best sheet to use as it more than adequate for most roofing applications and are cost effective.



16mm Triplewall Polycarbonate 

Another sheet we offer is 16mm Triplewall Polycarbonate this sheet has 3 walls in total, thus providing more heat retention and rigidity. 16mm sheets are also compatible with our Self Supported Glazing Bars making them a budget friendly option for a self-supported system used for conservatories or more heavy-duty projects.




25mm & 35mm Multiwall

Finally, we can supply 25mm & 35mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets, these are supplied in thicknesses of 25mm and 35mm. Multiwall sheets consist of several walls which provide the best insulation, rigidity, and impact strength out of any other Polycarbonate Sheets available on the market. Multiwall sheets are most commonly used in conservatories builds that utilise a Self-Supported Glazing Bars and products to suit.





To summarise, Polycarbonate is an all-round product that can be used in several different applications. If you are unsure or have any technical or general enquires, feel free to contact our helpful Sales and Technical team on 01922 455 338 or you can send us an email via the help section on our website or simply email