How to decide the best roof material for your property

Looking to install a new roof on your property? Then here are a few factors to consider when choosing your roofing material: 

The use

First of all, consider what you want the roofing material for, is it to re-roof the whole of your home, to make a spot repair, to cover an out building, lean to, garage or a shed?

The durability

How robust and durable a roof do you require?  Do you want something that can withstand extreme weather conditions and last for many decades or something less sturdy? 

The support structure 

When choosing your roofing material, you’ll also want to give thought to the support structure and roof frame that is beneath it – what material is the frame intended for and what weight can it withstand.

The shape

You’ll also need to give thought to the shape of the roof to which the material will be applied, is it flat or sloped - and if it is the latter, then to how steep a slope will it need to be applied. 

Ecology and energy efficiency

An eco-friendly roofing material is another choice you may want to consider, whether it’s made from a sustainable material (like wood shingle), a recycled material (like rubber tyres), a reclaimed material (like slate) or a green roof. An eco-friendly roof is good for the environment; and good for you too, as in some instances, it could make your home more energy efficient, potentially helping you to cut the costs of your household bills.  

The aesthetics

Of course, you’ll also want to consider the look of the roofing material, does it please you, does it fit in with the look of your home and those around it. If the roofing material is for a listed building, for example, you’ll want to replace the roof with like-for-like material, so replace traditional slate roof tiles with the same again. When working on a listed building, it’s always best to seek the advice of your local authority’s listed buildings officer before you proceed and ensure you have listed buildings consent.        

The broader context

You’ll also want to look at how your new roof would fit into the landscape and your community, so if it is located in a conservation area or a national park, there are likely to be guidelines you’ll need to follow when choosing your roofing material.   

Practical matters

Practicality is another key consideration. A corrugated roof made from PVC sheets, is a practical choice for many situations from a gazebo to a car port or a shed, being light, versatile and surprisingly strong. 

Your budget

You’ll need to give thought to all of the above in the context of the budget you have, with some material proving much more cost efficient than others. Moreover, you’ll also need to plan for the installation costs, with some materials proving more complex and time consuming than others to fit.    


So there you have a few factors to consider when choosing the roofing material for your property – now it’s time to get started before the winter weather sets in.