How to correctly install a cylinder lock

There are several good reasons to replace your door's cylinder with an Avocet ABS cylinder lock. As Avocet details in a document uploaded to Shopify, ABS cylinder locks meet the SS312 Solid Secure Diamond standard, are accredited by Secured by Design, and have Master Locksmith Association approval. Furthermore, by reading the following instructions, you can more quickly arrange to have a new ABS cylinder lock installed in the correct manner.

Getting necessary measurements

There are two main stages in having a new cylinder lock put in place: measuring for that replacement cylinder and then installing it. There are two measurements that you need for choosing the right replacement cylinder: the cylinder's internal part and its outside-facing external part. Start by looking at your door's side and for a screw located on the door bolt's face plate. You will take measurements from the central screw position through to the door handle's edge.

We would urge you to opt for a neat finish where the cylinder does not protrude further than 3mm from the handle. With this in mind, you should take the internal measurement by placing a ruler on the fixing screw's centre. This screw is inline the cylinder, and you need to measure - in millimetres - to the door handle's edge. You should repeat this technique to take the external measurement. Again, measure - in millimetres - from the screw's centre to the door handle's edge, except the outside edge this time. Make sure your internal and external measurements are noted down.

Installing an ABS cylinder lock is straightforward

You are unlikely to overly struggle with replacing a Euro cylinder with an ABS cylinder lock from our stock here at Varico. The process is simple on most doors - the sole tool you will even need is a Crosshead screwdriver. However, for applications concealing the screw fixing, i.e. on French doors, we would advise consulting a professional locksmith.

Begin by opening the door and finding the fixing screw, which is directly inline with the door bolt faceplate's cylinder. Insert the key into the cylinder before turning that key to a five to the hour position. Now, bring the cylinder barrel out of the door by sliding that barrel towards you.

Pick up your ABS lock upgrade before inserting the key to make the cam inline with the cylinder's body. The side marked EXT must be on the door's outside, as that side has the Snap Secure features. You can now slide the ABS cylinder into the lock case - and, after doing this, you should use the provided fixing screw to secure the cylinder into place.

A few more words of reassurance...

While we have endeavoured to outline the measuring and installing process in an easy-to-understand way, don't fret if you are still struggling to see what exactly you should do and when. The Home Security & Safety website that Avocet itself runs includes video guides to both parts of the process. Follow these, and you are unlikely to go far wrong.