Tools you need to have in your toolkit

Whether you're completing jobs around the home, crafting or making major home improvements, a well-equipped toolbox is key for every level of DIYer. There are so many tools on the market that it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to purchasing a toolkit, so we’ve put together this list of essentials that every DIYer should have.

Locking Pliers

This is a really inexpensive tool that makes your DIY life a whole lot easier. With an adjustable jaw width, you can set these pliers to clamp onto almost anything, giving you a secure grip when trying to do jobs like replace piping, and remove nuts or screws. They can also be used as a clamp, a wire cutter and more. Available in a range of sizes, there are locking pliers to cater to all your needs, making it a toolkit must-have.

Set Of Screwdrivers

Not only are screwdrivers great for removing screws, but they can also be handy when it comes to prying lids from paint cans and building models. The two screwdrivers we recommend are flat-headed and Phillips-head screwdrivers, which you can often buy in kits with various sizes. They're also available at a range of prices, so if you want quality, look at the higher end options, or if this is just a one-time use, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available.

Cable Ties

You may think that cable ties are one of the most annoying products on the planet or that they’re only good for organising your cords, but they're surprisingly useful. They can be used for fixing issues around the home like broken toilet handles or droopy plants, or to create hanging loops for the rest of your tools. These are just some of the ways that cable ties can be used, but they’re so versatile that they can be used for many, many more things. They’re also cheap and recyclable, making them the ideal product to add to your toolkit. Here at Varico, we appreciate the small but mighty cable tie and sell them in bulk alongside our other home improvement materials.

Claw Hammer

No toolkit would be complete without a solid hammer. Claw hammers are one of the most common hammers on the market, with one end shaped to pull nails out of wood or a wall, and the other to drive nails in. Much like with the screwdrivers, there are so many claw hammers available at a range of prices, so you should analyse how often you intend to use it before purchasing. We recommend looking into one with a rubber, plastic or vinyl handle, as this offers shock absorption and a good grip.


Hacksaws were principally made for cutting metal, but they can also cut a variety of other materials, like wood and plastic, so this is a key item to have if you’re looking to make some home improvements. There are hand saw versions and powered versions, but you should take a look at ones that you can easily replace with new blades. This is a tool that is used by professional tradesmen, like plumbers and electricians, so it’s a tried and tested must-have.

Tape Measure

Last, but certainly not least, is the humble tape measure. Everyone has one of these tucked away in their home somewhere, but it’s an essential to have in your toolkit for obvious reasons. You need one to complete almost all jobs, like replacing piping, fitting furniture, hanging curtains and re-tiling. They’re a real investment, as they’re usually cheap to buy, last a lifetime and you’ll never run out of uses for it.