Benefits of using a Yale cylinder lock

Benefits of using a Yale cylinder lock

When, as Yale's international website details, the Yale cylinder lock was invented in the 1860s, it paved the way for a significant transformation of the locking industry. However, this doesn't tell the complete story of why you should use a Yale cylinder lock for securing a door of your own.

A quick history of Yale

Yale has long been a reputable name in lock-making. Around 1840, Linus Yale Sr. started producing numerous innovative and highly secure locks in the Newport area of New York. Later, his son, Linus Yale Jr., perfected the pin tumbler cylinder lock developed by his father.

By the early twentieth century, the Yale company had over 12,000 employees worldwide. During that century, Yale broadened its reach even further through acquisitions and purchases.

Time to replace your current lock cylinder?

Yale's history is relevant because it shows how long the company has been dedicated to developing and improving upon its lock products. Yale's UK website notes that lock snapping has become more common - and you shouldn't underestimate the seriousness of this issue. Lock snapping, a process of snapping a lock cylinder in half, allows the unlocking of a door without needing its key.

You can, however, lower your risk of becoming a victim of lock snapping by replacing your cylinder with a more up-to-date one. At Varico, we offer this Yale cylinder lock which the British Standards Institution (BSI) has given the British Kitemarked TS007:2014 3 star accreditation. This lock includes numerous security features for preventing incidents of lock snapping.