How to prolong the life of your corrugated roofing

If your home features corrugated roofing, you should act carefully to make sure it is well looked after. In this way, you can extend its life and so prevent yourself having to replace it as quickly.

Your roofing might comprise corrugated plastic, where a wavy plastic sheet called fluting is used for fusing together two high impact polypropylene copolymer resin liners, as explained by Hunker. So, what special steps should you take if it is this kind of corrugated roofing that you have?


Check that the roofing is not falling apart reports that PVC roofing can last for at least 30 years... provided that it receives regular and ongoing maintenance. You should act on the initiative to ensure that it stays in good shape - and here is a step-by-step guide to checking that it isn't splitting.

Could that roofing really split? Yes; a PVC roof can be prone to shrinking. When it does, the seams could part and so lead the roof's integrity to deteriorate. That, in turn, can see the roof leaking. Therefore, you should visually inspect your own PVC roof, though be careful to do so safely.

During the inspection, mark any discernibly shrinking areas with duct tape. Then, clean the surface; in the next section, we have provided a more detailed guide to how you can do this. Next, apply splice cleaner to the cleaned surface and, using roof tape or a polyurethane sealant, seal the shrunken areas.

The roof might also have some nails or screws that have loosened or started pushing up - in which case, you should lightly tap down on them until they stay touching the roof's surface. This procedure can stop the roof's integrity being compromised.


Tips for cleaning this corrugated roofing

During the process detailed above, there will be a time when you need to clean the marked parts of the roof. You can do this with a little alcohol or household cleaning solution. You must clean the surface before applying any kind of maintenance patching or solution. Once you have done that cleaning, use a rag or cloth to wipe that surface dry.

Though using power washer is a common method of cleaning roofs, you should resist doing this on corrugated plastic roofing, for which mild cleaner should instead be utilised. The Mynewsdesk website highlights a recommendation for a very particular cleaning solution: an acetic acid mixed with cold water. If your corrugated plastic roofing has mildew and mould that you would like to remove, you can do so with a scrub.

By carefully maintaining your plastic corrugated roofing, you can ensure that it continues to effectively protect your home from adverse effects of heavy rainfall. You can arrange for the installation of corrugated roofing of this type with help from us at Varico. Our stock includes corrugated PVC sheets suitable for both new installations and repairs to existing roofing.


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