Tips for 2018 home improvement

If you’re guilty of letting your DIY projects go by the waste side last year then 2018 brings with it a whole host of opportunities to jump on those big household tasks.

Not sure what to put next on your to-do list, or do you even have a list at all? Then this selection of how to tips might be useful. Gathered here are everything from planning your next project to

We've even got downright messy but critical assignments such as cleaning dryer vents and gas cooktops. There's bound to be a must-do task below for you, no matter how skilled or experienced you are

Develop a clear vision

Like many things in life, when it comes to home renovations, it’s helpful to know what you want to achieve from your next DIY project before you start. Thanks to the growth of social media and the continuing rise in popularity of design and architecture blogs, it’s easier than ever to browse through projects and figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Unsure where to start? Some of our favourite sources of inspiration for interior design and architecture are Habitus Living, Indesign Live, and our very own projects page – there’s bound to be something to spark the creativity in anyone.

Establishing your likes and dislikes will help you develop a clear vision for your home renovation project, and will be particularly helpful in allowing you to clearly articulate this vision to your designers and tradespeople.

Your brief can be communicated verbally or visually – using mood boards – try using Pinterest, collages, or examples of projects that you like – or using some combination of the two. The clearer your brief, the more closely your designers and tradespeople can stick to it, and the more satisfied you are likely to be once the project is done.

Think about renovating what already exists

Embarking on a totally new project can not only be stressful but it can be costly too. Have a think about how you can improve what you already have before you start from scratch. For example, doing some research online might find that the issue you have with your lovely conservatory steaming up doesn’t need to mean a rebuild, it could mean just getting polycarbonate sheets fitted with a supplier, but without googling this you wouldn’t know about it.

Other quick fixes which might seem like major ones include painting your outdated and perhaps chipped kitchen cupboards with some high-quality paint to make your kitchen feel like new. You could also think about doing the same in the garden if you have fencing, it is amazing what a lick of emulsion or creosote can do to even the smallest of areas.

Find a professional

Laying new tiles in your kitchen? Hire a tiler. Repainting your bedroom? Get a painter. Thinking of adding some new cabinets to your living room? Find yourself a carpenter. You wouldn’t ask someone to build your home with the wrong tools, so why allow someone without the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to renovate it? The knowledge and experience of your designer and contractors should be considered tools in their own right, and ones critical to ensuring the success of your project.

There’s no need to take the term DIY literally and do everything yourself: take your home renovation seriously and make sure that you hire the right professional for your project. Head to our suppliers' page for a list of trusted professionals across all sectors of the construction and design industry, and find their direct company details on their company page.