Mistakes to avoid when building a conservatory

If you are preparing to take the DIY approach to giving yourself a conservatory, or even tasking a professional with doing some of the building work for you, it can be a good idea to heed potential blunders.

A conservatory can be put to various uses. For example, it can serve as a space in which to relax, grow plants, or simply enjoy the sight of your garden when harsh elements make bracing the weather a daunting prospect. Still, try to avert these mistakes when building your conservatory...

Not remembering the conservatory's intended purpose

Making this purpose possible is what you need to work towards when putting together that conservatory. For this reason, you should be careful with how the structure's design is crafted.

For example, if you intend to place furniture, planting beds and accessories in this conservatory, it should be during the design stage that you choose the exact pieces to include. Doing this can help you decide what proportions and floor layout would accommodate these pieces, says The Telegraph.

Not sufficiently planning the landscaping

In building your conservatory, you will need to lose garden space. Furthermore, sacrificing part of this garden could have implications for the rest of its appearance. For this reason, landscaping should be at the forefront of your mind as you plan how to uproot your garden.

If you fail to do this, you could end up with a garden that still looks like a wasteland even once construction of the conservatory has been completed, House Beautiful warns.

Not considering the rest of your residential ground floor

It wouldn't be appealing if, when you walk into your conservatory, its flooring looks markedly different to that of the rest of the house. You should instead aim for a conservatory the flooring of which aesthetically flows seamlessly from the adjacent room's flooring.

You will already be getting new flooring, plastering and electrical wiring put in place for this extension, so you could maximise your investment returns by doing the same for nearby rooms.

Making assumptions about planning regulations

It could understandably be pretty galling if you get a garden room built only to quickly learn that it is in violation of planning regulations - and so you need to take that structure down.

However, such an unfortunate occurrence can be a genuine possibility if you fail to sufficiently heed planning regulations by not paying close attention to them. Don't neglect to check whether certain aspects of the home or planned conservatory would need you to apply for planning permission.

Not taking the view into sufficient account

We have already mentioned the joy you could get from looking outside from your conservatory. However, this conservatory should be designed in such a way that you can enjoy the best view practically possible. For example, consider exactly the windows and doors should be positioned.

Once you are ready to get underway with physically assembling the conservatory, you can source a wide array of suitable supplies from our online store here at Varico.