Polycarbonates: Understanding the Benefits of This Roofing Material

Polycarbonates: Understanding the Benefits of This Roofing Material

Polycarbonates are impressive materials initially used during the early days of space exploration. It wasn’t long until countless industries, including homebuilding, embraced its unique properties.


This article will help you understand what makes polycarbonate sheets unique and what benefits it offers to homeowners.


What Are Polycarbonate Sheets?


Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material known for its excellent durability and flexibility. Polycarbonate is also known to offer greater design freedom and enhanced aesthetics. This material is often designed and manufactured as sheets for use in construction. 


Unlike most other materials, polycarbonate sheets are excellent heat-absorbing materials, making them very energy efficient and effective insulators. Polycarbonate sheets are also highly resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and extreme temperatures.


Due to these benefits, contractors often prefer polycarbonate sheets for roofing. Polycarbonate roofing is generally used in the following:








In terms of sustainability, polycarbonate sheets can be melted, cooled, and reused. That makes them an environment-friendly option that doesn’t add unnecessary waste in landfills.


Advantages of Using Polycarbonate Roofing


Using polycarbonate roofing has various advantages that, when combined, makes it an excellent solution for many housing projects. Here are some of the benefits of using polycarbonate roofing.




Not many materials come close to polycarbonate when it comes to impact resistance. It’s designed to resist chipping and cracking caused by falling debris and hail. Most polycarbonate sheets have high levels of thermal resistance and can withstand temperatures reaching 135°C. They are also highly resistant to warping and don’t lose colour despite constant exposure to the sun.  




When it comes to roofing systems, a material’s weight will always be considered an essential factor. Polycarbonate is significantly lighter than most other materials, making it suitable for roofing.


For instance, a 10mm polycarbonate sheet generally weighs around 4.5kg per square meter. Glass roofing with the same thickness and dimensions would weigh about 9.3kg per square meter.


Polycarbonate sheets are also far easier to work on. Installing and replacing polycarbonate roofing requires little to no changes to your home’s structure.




Polycarbonate sheets provide high levels of thermal insulation than other insulating materials. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are specifically designed to keep heat during winter and remain cool in the summer. It is perfect for homes that want a comfortable living space year-round.




Compared to materials like glass, polycarbonate is significantly safer. It is immune to shattering and breaking, making it an excellent choice for homes with children. Due to its lightweight nature, polycarbonate roofing is easier and safer to handle, especially when working on them at great heights.  


Chemical Resistance


Polycarbonate materials exhibit high resistance levels against a wide range of chemicals like diluted acids, alcohol, and aliphatic hydrocarbons. They also show moderate resistance to various oils and greases.


While most of these are not common in residential situations, you should be able to rest easy knowing that your polycarbonate roofing will provide your home with adequate levels of chemical protection. 


Consider Investing in Polycarbonate Roofing


Whether you’re planning to expand your home by building carports and greenhouses or simply replacing your old roofing, you must consider using polycarbonate. It is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something durable, lightweight, and energy-efficient.


VariCo Ltd. is a leading supplier of polycarbonate roofing sheets in the United Kingdom, offering various designs and thicknesses. If you’re unsure how to choose a suitable type of polycarbonate sheet for your next project, give us a call, and our team will be ready to provide some advice.